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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Love's Blessings has Released

Love's Blessings by M.G. Braden
- Now available from By Grace Publishing

Love's Blessings CoverJanelle Trent has been desperately trying to have a baby. Can she surrender to God when the treatments don't work?

Kevin Trent loves his wife, baby or not. Can he show his wife that they already are a family? Or, will he walk away, taking with him all their hopes and dreams?

Can two people in love move past heartache to find each other, and possibly a miracle, again? Sometimes we search so hard but are unable to see that we already have Love's Blessings.

Given 4.5 Hearts from The Romance Studio - you can buy Love's Blessings today from By Grace Publishing



Awesome!! Congratulations. Gotta get myself one, zap! =)

Babe King said...

Yay you. And you join Sweeter Notions the same way as you join other yahoo groups. Go to their sign in page and look for the little join button, upper right I think, press that and then follow the questionnaire thing. It's a great group. Come on over.